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Video and Multimedia Development

We offer a wide ranging set of TV and multimedia technologies such as CD-ROMs, Computer Based Training, Screensavers, Video Walls, Rolling Demos, 3D Work, Digital Audio, TV Production and Streaming and much more.

Web TV Development

Web Radio & TV (also known as streaming radio and TV) is a broadcasting service transmitted via the Internet. Internet broadcasting has no geographic limitations and the potential for Internet radio & TV is as vast as cyberspace itself. In comparison to traditional radio and TV, Internet Radio & TV is not limited to just audio and video outputs. An Internet broadcast can be accompanied by photos, graphics, text, web links, as well as interactivity, such as message boards and chat rooms.

Web TV Solutions include:

  • Dedicated channels on Mirata.TV
  • Uploading, Streaming and Embedding functions
  • Server side conversion of most video types
  • Tagging, grouping and sharing services
  • Powerful web-based infrastructure
  • … much more!

Web TV is a great tool that many communication managers are now using to boost and enhance their communication programmes. Mirata.TV provides a powerful web-based infrastructure to deliver Web TV to the people who matter to you. Contact us now to see how you can use Mirata.TV to communicate via your own dedicated TV channel.

Multimedia Development

Multimedia design effectively combines, text, graphics, audio and video elements with a variety of interactive controls in order to create a coherent application that’s both informative and easy to use.

Multimedia Solutions include:

  • CDROM / DVD development, production and printing
  • Interactive demonstrations
  • Virtual tours and walk-through’s
  • Animations, scenarios, training tools and games
  • Screensavers and Video Walls
  • Rolling Demos and 3D Work
  • … much more!

Our development team have a range of skills that can help you get from concept to production. By combining audio, video, animation, and interactive navigation Mirata can produce breathtaking multimedia presentations that have a real business benefit.

This interactive service focuses on developing your e-marketing strategy and is an extremely versatile platform for delivering engaging presentations.