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IMAGINE Video Offer

The IMAGINE A CITY video, promotes the idea of a united Church changing a city, and has been designed to be shown to audiences inside and outside of the church.

Simple in its presentation, the 60-seconds of animation says:

Imagine a city … a city where the Church is seen as one
A city where the Church connects as one
Where the church works together as one
Where the church speaks as one
All walking together on the same journey.
Different styles, streams and locations
Big churches, small churches, all interconnected for a single purpose:
To wrap itself around a city and bring hope.
It can happen, together we can make it happen
A joined-up Church, a united Church, One Church

If you would like a FREE unbranded copy * of the video, you can download it below:

If you would like to commission a customised version of this video which includes your own brand colours, logo, and amended text, then please order below.

* When using the FREE unbranded copy of the video, please reference the Mirata Ltd website wherever possible.