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E-Learning, Training and Mentoring Solutions

Through our brand Evolving People we offer a complete suite of enterprise software and services that can power a total “e-Education and Training Infrastructure”. These solutions are ideal for schools, colleges, universities, and other education and training providers.

Evolving People is the showcase for our Core Learning Management Solution (LMS) and is built on the base features needed for organisations to enter the e-learning arena. Evolving People introduces the primary aspects of e-learning technology to organisations.

Evolving People solutions have a range of key advantages, in that they:

  • Provide the building blocks for any e-learning development journey
  • Provide standard key elements for the e-learning process
  • Are fully adaptable and scalable
  • Can be implemented quickly and easily
  • Are fully branded to your organisation
  • Add capital value to your organisation
  • Are extremely cost effective
  • Are based on open standards (LAMP)
  • Are securely hosted, managed and supported

Curriculum Development and Learning Content

Evolving People can also provide educational advice and cross-platform technical assistance with the development and evaluation of teaching and learning materials. Our specialist course-ware development consultants can assist you in all aspects of educational software production.

About Evolving People

People learn in relationship, by memorising, understanding and doing. We provide a complete range of web-based Learning Management Solutions designed to address the training, mentoring and communication needs within your organisation.